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Memories of South Wingfield—Can You Help?

South Wingfield Local History Group would like people to come forward and talk about their memories of living in the village. Particularly those who have lived in the village most of their lives but also those who now live outside the village, as well as anyone who could make a contribution, e.g. they may have attended the village school or worked in the village. We are approaching residents, particularly those who have lived in the village a long time, and have interesting stories to tell but have decided to extend this area to include other villages within the boundaries of the Parish. We will also include  those who now live outside the village as well as younger members who  feel they could make a contribution.

Like many other villages in the area, South Wingfield has seen a lot of changes over the years but we have many features unique to our area. Wingfield Manor, which is of national importance also Wingfield Station. We have a strong mining and farming heritage as well as being in the heart of the origins of the Industrial Revolution.

Many families have been in the village for several generations and may have passed on stories/memories about national events and how they affected their families’ lives.  For example, the two World Wars and the closure of the pits.

Day to day life has also changed. Many can still remember having to wash in cold water, with ice on the inside of the window on a cold Winter's day, no fridges in the Summer months to keep food fresh and

the long walk to work. Can you remember the start of the NHS - how did it change your life? Did you start work at 14 years old?

We would also like residents, or their relatives to loan us (short term) any memorabilia that we could use to make a visual record e.g. photos, particularly of village events such as gala days, school outings or items of interest such as old maps, bills of sale and newspaper cuttings.

We hope to make this into a publication which everyone will enjoy and which can be kept for posterity.


If you would like to contribute either your own memories, or you have a relative who might like to be involved, please contact:

1. Joyce Keating   joyce.keating@virgin.net  


2. Ian Holliday  ianholl@aol.com  

Alternatively, put your name and address, and details in the box at the village shop and we will get back to you.

South Wingfield Memories - Please help!