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South Wingfield VAD

South Wingfield Red Cross VAD Hospital

During the First World War, South Wingfield was home to a VAD (Voluntary Aid Detachment) hospital. Mill House, on Church Lane, was converted into a military hospital. The large number of war casualties during the early part of the war resulted in the need for hospitals to be quickly set up. Large houses, school buildings, church halls, institutes and other large buildings were converted into emergency hospitals. Derbyshire had thirty-seven such hospital established throughout the war. Members of the Voluntary Aid Detachments (VADs) who had received training in first-aid and nursing came to the fore. They cleaned and prepared the rooms which were to become hospital wards. The local doctors provided the medical care and the VADs were supervised by one or more registered nurses. As the servicemen improved in health and were in convalescence entertainments and special treats were arranged for them.

Mill House,opposite the school on Church Lane,was owned by the Bower family (owners of the mill, now Taylor’s Mill).

If you click onto the link below you should get a list of the South Wingfield VAD workers from the Red Cross website.

South Wingfield VAD workers

To see each individual's VAD card just click on their name. Mrs Bowers ceased in March 1919 as commandant, which date I think we can assume was close to the date that the hospital closed.